What are Millennials Eating at Breakfast Restaurants?

     Studies show Millennials pick more adventurous options at breakfast restaurants.

    breakfast restaurantsPeople say a lot about the Millennial generation days, including that they love adventure.  And according to research by Datassential, that translates to their choices at breakfast restaurants as well.  In a survey of 1,280 consumers, Millennials were more interested in innovated new breakfast ideas than other age groups.  This includes healthy options and ethnic choices.

    What specifically interests Millennials at breakfast restaurants?  The survey found that 65% would choose elevated comfort food options.  This includes things like biscuits and gravy made in “premium” versions.  63% of respondents said they were interested in breakfast sandwiches in either “monster” or mini options.

    So what aren’t Millennials eating for breakfast?  Well, cereal most notably.  In February, the New York Times reported in a story about breakfast cereal that research showed 40% of Millennials said cereal was an inconvenient choice because they had to clean up after.  While this generation is most likely to skip breakfast all together, when they do eat, it’s in breakfast restaurants rather than at home.  They also prefer to eat breakfast options outside of the traditional hours.  About 16% of the participants in the Datassential survey said they breakfast items as an afternoon snack.  They also enjoy eating breakfast for dinner.