Denver breakfast placesDining out is generally a social activity.  We love to go out with our friends and loved ones and socialize over a great meal.  But not always, some people really enjoy going solo to restaurants.  Others may do it only when necessary, like when traveling for business.  Do you ever dine alone at Denver breakfast places?  If so, do you look for certain things in a location that make it more suitable for the solo diner?

The option to sit at the counter is a big consideration for those who eat alone at Denver breakfast places.  After all, that’s exactly what the counter is there for.  It can feel awkward to some taking up an entire booth or table when you’re by yourself.  But not every restaurant has them so the intrepid solo diner must confidently tell the hostess, “Table for one, please!”

Televisions are also a welcome offering for anyone dining alone.  It’s comforting to be able to sit and watch the news or the game while enjoying the meal by yourself.  What about the atmosphere of the restaurant?  Is it better for the place to be crowded and noisy so you can just blend in and eat unnoticed?  Or do you think it’s better when the restaurant is quiet and you can relax with your thoughts?

Does the type of restaurant or the meal you’re having make a difference when you dine alone?  Would you never go out to dinner at a fine dining place along?  Or is breakfast at a casual diner is the most comfortable meal to enjoy solo? Wherever you go and no matter what you eat, The Original Pancake House tips our hat to the independent spirit of those who dine alone!