Start Your Day with a Fulfilling Breakfast

The Original Pancake House is the ideal breakfast restaurant in Englewood with family, friends, associates, or even just a way to treat yourself!

When you stop in at the Original Pancake House, you can expect to be in for a scrumptious and nutritional breakfast that serves as the perfect start for your day. Not only that, but our friendly

Whether you want to treat your family to the best breakfast in Englewood, or have some associates you really want to impress to sign that deal, the Original Pancake House is always ready to help!

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Location 1, Denver Tech Center

(SW Corner of E. Belleview Ave. at S. Ulster St.)

8000 E Belleview Ave F-10, Greenwood Village, CO

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Location 2, Cherry Hills

(SE corner of S. University Blvd. at E. Orchard Rd)

5900 S University Blvd D, Greenwood Village, CO

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Englewood’s Favorite Breakfast Foods

The Original Pancake House is, of course, most recognized for the delicious pancakes that have propelled us into the hearts of many residents in Englewood. You can enjoy them in a variety of different combinations, such as coconut, pecan, pumpkin, blueberry, and more! They are made fresh every day from our signature sourdough recipe, which holds the secret to our delicious results!

But if you’re not always in the mood for pancakes, don’t worry. The OPH menu has many other delicious treats in store for you! Try the Cowboy Omelette, an oven-baked egg extravaganza with hickory smoked ham, chopped bacon, and aged Tillamook cheddar cheese, all topped with some homemade sausage gravy. This breakfast will keep you full well into the lunch hour!

Or, why not go for a classic breakfast choice like the Eggs Benedict, which we make with a grilled English muffin topped with layers of shaved ham, two basted eggs, and, of course, homemade Hollandaise sauce. To give it a kick, we also sprinkle some paprika on top, for another layer of unexpected flavor you won’t find anywhere else.

Many other delicious goodies await you and your family at the Original Pancake House restaurant in Englewood, so don’t be shy and stop by for a tasting or two!

Come and Enjoy the Little Things in Life

Take the time to slow down and enjoy a delicious breakfast before you get back to your fast-paced life at our Englewood location. Our OPH team looks forward to serving you at one of the best breakfast restaurants in Englewood, so stop by today!