breakfast in DenverHash, particularly corned beef hash, is always a popular choice for breakfast in Denver and all around the country.  This simple and comforting dish is made from chopped meat and potatoes cooked together with spices and often vegetables like onions or bell peppers.  While there are many varieties of hash, corned beef is perhaps the most popular and definitely one of our favorite choices at The Original Pancake House.

Like many other dishes, hash was developed as a way to utilize leftovers.  If you have a piece of cooked meat left over from dinner, you can easily extend that into breakfast by adding potatoes and vegetables.  Corned beef hash specifically developed in England in Ireland as a second act for the traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner.

The hearty dish gained popularity in America during the World War II era and has been beloved ever since.  Nowadays you can order hash of all varieties at restaurants across the country.

If you’re craving some corned beef hash for breakfast in Denver you won’t want to miss ours at The Original Pancake House.  We serve it with two basted eggs and a stack of three of our signature pancakes.  You can’t beat a hearty breakfast with both sweet and savory elements!