Joe's SpecialJoe’s Special is one of those breakfast dishes that shows up on just about every menu, but you might not have tried it before.  It’s not quite as universally known and loved as pancakes, a Denver omelette, or Eggs Benedict, but it seems to always be around and definitely has a dedicated audience of fans.  Many people may have grown up eating this dish at home, rather than in restaurants.  It’s quick and easy to prepare, affordable, filling and can even stand in as dinner.  So, what do you know about Joe’s Special and where it came from?

This simple and tasty dish is basically a scramble made with ground beef, spinach and eggs.  Some variations add mushrooms or onions.  An Italian Joe is made with sausage (that’s how we make it) and a Mexican Joe is made with chorizo.  The dish originated in San Francisco at a popular restaurant called Original Joe’s.  The restaurant opened in 1937 and served classic Italian-American fare.  Joe’s Special became a popular dish at many local restaurants, and with home cooks, but the version at Original Joe’s is known as “famous” thanks to a proclamation by San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee.  In 2007 the restaurant closed due to a fire.  When it re-opened in a new location the mayor commemorated the event with the proclamation.

Join us at The Original Pancake House and try our Joe’s Special, we know you’ll join the proud ranks of fans.