Embark on a culinary journey to Denmark with The Original Pancake House’s exquisite Cherry Kijafa Crepes. This beloved Danish favorite is a fusion of delicacy and flavor, perfect for those who appreciate a sweet start to their day!


What Makes Our Cherry Kijafa Crepes Special?

Treat yourself to our Cherry Kijafa Crepes, a Danish favorite right here in Denver. We serve three delicate crepes, each filled and topped with Montmorency cherries simmered in our special homemade Kijafa cherry wine sauce. For the perfect finishing touch, we sprinkle them with powdered sugar. It’s a sweet, satisfying dish with a unique taste you won’t find anywhere else.



  • Crepes: Three homemade, feather-light crepes form the base of this dish, offering a subtle, buttery flavor that complements the cherry filling.
  • Cherry Filling: Premium Montmorency cherries, known for their vibrant tartness & deep red hue, simmered to perfection in our homemade Kijafa cherry wine sauce.
  • Kijafa Cherry Wine Sauce: A signature touch, this sauce is a blend of sweet and tart flavors, enriching the cherries with a depth of taste that is uniquely tantalizing.
  • Powdered Sugar: A light dusting of powdered sugar adds a final touch of sweetness, elevating the flavors and presenting a visually appealing dish.


Why Choose Cherry Kijafa Crepes?

Perfect for those who love a combination of sweet and sour, our Cherry Kijafa Crepes offers a balance of flavors that tantalize the taste buds. Whether it’s a leisurely brunch or a special breakfast treat, these crepes are sure to delight.


Nutritional Information:

For the cherry Kijafa crepes, the calorie content is 397 for 1 crepe, 793 for 2 crepes, and 1190 for 3 crepes, with an additional 50 calories per crepe if you choose to add sour cream to the filling. All servings contain dairy and gluten.


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