Searching for Pancake Restaurants Near Me?

    pancake restaurants near meHow do you find new restaurants?  Do you ask friends for recommendations?  Or do you prefer to use technology?  If your browser history shows the search term pancake restaurants near me, or other similar searches, you’re not alone.  According to a survey of 1,000 American adults by RetailMeNot, 13% of the respondents use food and dining apps like Yelp and OpenTable to find new restaurants.  However, the majority (58%) still prefers to find new restaurants through friends or word-of-mouth recommendations.

    Technology plays a major role in our daily lives.  The answers to most of our questions are now at our fingertips.  Technology affects not just how we make our dining choices, but in our overall dining experience.  Here’s some other interesting findings from the survey.

    • Survey respondents ages 25 through 34 were more likely to research new restaurants on their smartphone than any other age group.
    • 80% are likely to try a new restaurant if they are offering a deal.
    • 25% said they have at least one restaurant specific app on their phone.
    • 25% have used their phone to make restaurant reservations.
    • 53% have used their phone to find a restaurant location.
    • 32% said they have used their phone to take a photo of food while dining.
    • 19% have checked in on social media while dining.

    We’re confident that whether you’re searching the internet for pancake restaurants near me, or asking your friends where they like to go for breakfast, OPH Denver is going to come up.  We’ll see you soon!