The Original Pancake House Waitlist FAQs

If you’re in the Denver area and in the mood for a hearty breakfast, the Original Pancake House is the place for you to go for a scrumptious meal to start your day. From oven baked omelettes, Belgium waffles, French toast, savory and sweet crepes, as well as pancakes made to order, there’s something fulfilling for everyone on our menu!

We want to make sure everyone knows the easiest way to get on our waitlist for a table ahead of time.  This means much less waiting around for a table when you arrive at The Original Pancake House restaurants in either the Denver Tech Center or Cherry Hills.

We use the online service called Yelp Waitlist to make it convenient and reliable to put your party on our list for a table before you come.  There are three ways to find us on Yelp Waitlist; at, by using the Yelp mobile app, or directly at our website:  On our website you can see the wait time for both our locations side by side.

What is Yelp Waitlist?

Yelp Waitlist is a straight-forward and fast way to reserve a table for you and your party at either one of the Original Pancake House locations. So, in just a matter of a few moments, you can place your name on the restaurant waitlist, go about what you were doing, and then head to the location of your choice by the time we quoted your table would be ready.

How do I request a table through Yelp Waitlist at The Original Pancake House?

If you’re using the Yelp mobile app or just tap search and begin typing The Original Pancake House and soon you’ll see both our locations appear. Choose the one you want, either DTC or Cherry Hills, then scroll down and hit the Join the waitlist now button. Enter your party size, name, mobile phone number, and any special requests such as indoor or outdoor seating, kids chairs, etc. Then just hit confirm. It’s the same on our website, but you don’t have to search if you start with

When can I use Yelp Waitlist?

For your convenience, the Yelp Waitlist is always available during our operating hours. So, when you’re out and about and have a craving for a scrumptious breakfast, you can arrange to get a table from the road.

How will I know my breakfast reservation status?

Talk about being efficient!  Right away we will text you your approximate wait time so you can plan accordingly. Then we will text you again when your table is ready. After you receive the text your table is ready, please check in at the host stand. You will need your entire party to be seated.

Why should I add my name through Yelp Waitlist?

Aside from being a great way to save time, putting your name on our restaurant waitlist means you don’t have to spend time waiting on site for your table because you will know when you should arrive.  It’s the best way to handle the weekend crowds since we’ll already know that you’re coming.

See you soon!

With Yelp Waitlist, enjoying your favorite breakfast is as easy as ever. If you’re getting hungry and your mouth is beginning to water for an amazing meal, head on over to our breakfast reservations page to join the waitlist today!


Yelp Waitlist Locations

Location 1, Denver Tech Center

(SW Corner of E. Belleview Ave. at S. Ulster St.)

8000 E Belleview Ave F-10, Greenwood Village, CO

(303) 224-0093

Location 2, Cherry Hills

(SE corner of S. University Blvd. at E. Orchard Rd)

5900 S University Blvd D, Greenwood Village, CO

(303) 795-0573