Halloween is just around the corner, and we’ve got some “Spooktacular” breakfast ideas for you to try this year, whether you’re doing something special for the kids, catering a Halloween breakfast, or hosting an all-out Halloween party for friends. Check out these 13 hauntingly delicious dishes!

  1. Homemade Halloween Pop Tarts.Halloween Poptart Pastries
    Who doesn’t love a pop tart? These homemade Halloween pastries will have your little ghosts “goblin” them up almost faster than you can make them (which you can do in under 20 minutes), and are sure to be a hot item this Halloween. Super simple to make using store bought pie crust, red fruit jam, royal icing and edible googly eyes, your kids will love these sweet and spooky treats.
  2. Cobweb Pancakes.
    No one does foolproof food better than Martha Stewart, and Halloween is no exception. These spooky cobweb pancakes with spiders are both creepy and cute, not to mention easy-peasy to make using a squirt bottle filled with batter.
  3. Googly Eye Bark.
    You’ve heard of peppermint bark, but have you heard of Halloween candy bark? Yep, it’s a thing! And you can make yours lots of different ways. This recipe for Halloween Oreo “Googly Eye” Candy Bark from A Pumpkin and a Princess with pretzels, Oreo cookies, candy corn, and sprinkles is a guaranteed hit (even though it’s staring back at you!) with trick or treaters of all ages.
  4. Dracula pancakes.
    For another super scary pancake idea, these Dracula face pancakes from Fork & Beans are not only perfect for Halloween, they’re even good for you! Vegan and gluten free with fresh fruit pieces for the facial features, you can indulge in a plate full of these breakfast treats without guilt.
  5. Ghostly, Ghastly Candy Bark.
    With just some white and milk or dark chocolate, you can sweetly scare the dickens out of your party goers or trick or treaters with this recipe for mouthwatering Halloween bark from The Simple Sweet Life. Quick and easy, there are no special tools or skills required to make this sweet and scary treat.
  6. Pumpkin Doughnuts.Kids Halloween Recipes
    Why wouldn’t you take advantage of the best fall flavor ever and incorporate it into breakfast? Genius, right? These perfectly plump pumpkin doughnuts from Cooking Classy are the perfect answer when the question is what to grab for a Halloween breakfast on the go.
  7. Pumpkin Bark.
    Speaking of the popular taste of pumpkin, this divine Pumpkin Butterscotch Bark recipe from Fresh April Flours is made with pumpkin spice candy melts, butterscotch chips, chopped pecans and colorful sprinkles. You’ll love this treat so much you’ll want to make it again for Thanksgiving.
  8. Monster Mash Breakfast Hash.
    What do you get when you add ghoulishly green food coloring to scrambled eggs, then mix them together with bacon, onion, and hash brown potatoes? According to the folks at DIY Lighthouse, you get a monstrously marvelous breakfast hash that will keep you going strong long into the night!
  9. Candy Corn Bark.
    What would Halloween be without candy corn? We shudder to think! This tasty treat is easy to make with some super simple ingredients. The recipe from Mommy Evolution uses (of course) candy corn, chocolate chips, Rice Krispies, and white chocolate. You’ll whip this up in just a few minutes, but people will be talking about it for days!
  10. Jack-O-Lantern Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.
    Who says you can’t have grilled cheese for breakfast? Of course you can! Whether you make this recipe from Diethood as is or add an egg, either way these Halloween inspired melted cheese sandwiches will get you in the mood for the spookiest of all holidays, and warm you from the inside out at the same time. Comfort food was never so scary!
  11. Spooky Breakfast Parfait.
    This idea from Eats Amazing is so easy to make, it’s ridiculous, and also frightfully healthy! Simply layer Cheerio’s whole grain cereal with some sliced “boo-nanas” or your favorite scary berries and Greek yogurt in a mason jar and glue a few pairs of googly eyes to the outside of the jar. For added texture, mix in some shredded coconut with the yogurt, and a little honey for natural sweetness. To go even healthier, choose organic, gluten free cereal from your local health food store. When the parfait is gone, you can put candy corn or other Halloween candy in the jar to keep spirit of the holiday alive.
  12. No-Bake Halloween Cereal Bars.
    For the perfect no bake Halloween breakfast treat, these Halloween cereal bars from using Frankenberry Monster Cereal are the way to go for a fun filled, sweet and sticky time.
  13. Halloween Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls.
    What’s breakfast without cinnamon rolls? Not nearly as much fun! For a Halloween twist on this classic breakfast favorite, this super simple recipe for Cinnamon Roll Pumpkins from The Pinning Mama will help you celebrate the holiday in sweet, tasty style. A little orange food coloring mixed into the icing and a pinch of dough to form a pumpkin stem transforms your cinnamon roll breakfast treat into a delicious Halloween pumpkin.

This year, we hope you celebrate Halloween in style with one or more of these 13 creepy Halloween breakfast ideas. If you’re out and about and need a breakfast meal with wholesome, homemade, hearty flavor, be sure to stop by one of our Cherry Hills or Denver Tech Center breakfast restaurants, and dive into the scarily scrumptious goodness of a memory making breakfast at America’s finest pancake house any day of the week from 6:00 am to 2:00 pm every day of the week.