Every year on the 4th of July we honor our nation’s independence by donning red, white and blue, spending time with friends and family, and firing up the grill. But while we like to eat hamburgers and ribs, our Founding Fathers shared a very different spread back in 1776.  Here are a few of our Founding Fathers’ favorite foods, and how you can incorporate them into your modern day 4th of July!


Cornmeal Hoecakes: A staple food of the early colonial days, cornmeal hoecakes, similar to a pancake, were found on almost every table.  Also, did you know that George Washington wore dentures and thus preferred soft foods? Cornmeal hoecakes were one of his favorites! At the Original Pancake House in Denver, we have a whole assortment of pancakes that would surely please our first President!


Cherries: We’ve all heard the myth about George Washington and the cherry tree. Did you know that both Thomas Jefferson and George Washington had cherry orchards on their farms?  If you want to incorporate cherries into your 4th of July, be sure to try our Cherry Kijafa Crepes!


Oysters: Since many of our Founding Fathers lived near the coast, seafood was almost always part of their daily menu. Oysters were a particular favorite food and Martha Washington included several recipes for oysters in her First Lady’s cookbook.


Apples: A staple part of the colonial harvest, apples appear in many early American recipes. Abigail Adams, John Adams wife, tended their farm and crops while he was busy creating a new nation. She often made apple pandowdy, a sort of cobbler, with their fresh apple harvest. If you are in the mood to eat like President Adams, you won’t want to miss our oven baked Apple Pancake!


Whatever you eat this 4th of July, we hope you enjoy the holiday with family and friends!  And from everyone at the Original Pancake House in Denver, we wish you a happy birthday, America!