How exactly did this classic combination become known as the most iconic breakfast in Denver and around the country?

Breakfast means a lot of things to people.  For nearly four in ten adults breakfast is that meal they never eat.  For some people breakfast means coffee.  And for millions of us, when we think of the most important meal of the day, we’re thinking about the iconic breakfast combination of bacon and eggs.  If you’re looking for the perfect breakfast in Denver then you’re bound to run into these favorites all over.

breakfast in DenverDo you know how bacon and eggs became the breakfast standard in this country?  About a hundred years ago breakfast was usually meatless.  Most people ate some kind of grain porridge, fruit and often coffee.  But thanks to Edward Bernays, who is regarded as the father of public relations, bacon became the king of breakfast.  Bernays was the nephew of Sigmund Freud and he made his career using psychology to get people to buy a product or an idea.  In the 1920’s the Beech-Nut Company, which sold a variety of products, hired Bernays’ agency to increase consumer demand for bacon.  Bernays naturally went to his in-house doctor and asked him if a heavier breakfast would be a better idea for the American public.  The doctor of course agreed and asked 5,000 of his physician colleagues to confirm this idea.  So the “study” that found that doctors believed a breakfast of bacon and eggs was a better choice was published in major newspapers of the time and Beech-Nut’s sales of bacon skyrocketed.

Bacon and eggs may have become America’s favorite breakfast thanks to a little psychology, but most of us can probably agree that the delicious, protein-packed pairing has rightfully earned its place on our table and in our hearts and stomachs.