Pancakes Near Me vs. Around the World


    pancakes near mePancakes are a breakfast favorite in America and obviously for us at The Original Pancake House. We love them served simply with butter and maple syrup or in any of the delicious variations we offer.  But did you know that they are also enjoyed in many different forms in other countries?  Let’s take a look at how the pancakes near me stack up to those being served around the world.

    In Germany they are called pfannkuchen and they are made large and thin, similar to French crepes.  They are served with a variety of sweet or savory toppings and generally enjoyed at lunch or dinner as opposed to breakfast.

    Uganda makes small, sweet pancakes called kabalagala that are made from mashed bananas and cassava flour.

    Australians call them pikelets.  They are small, thick pancakes often served at tea time with jam and whipped cream.

    Greek style pancakes are called tiganites and usually are made with yeast.  They are typically topped with honey, yogurt and nuts.

    In Korea they make a savory pancake called kimchijeon which has finely chopped kimchi and scallions in the batter and is served with a soy sauce based dipping sauce.

    The Swedish make raggmunk, which is a savory pancake made from potatoes, often served with fried pork (like our bacon) and lingonberry jam.

    If you’re ever searching for delicious American style pancakes near me, your search will end at The Original Pancake House!