Breakfast is a family favorite, and The Original Pancake House Denver is a favorite breakfast and lunch restaurant, where many Denver families go to enjoy a hearty meal. Mom and dad can indulge in a fantastically filling plate of Eggs Benedict while the kids dig into strawberry waffles, banana pancakes or pigs in a blanket. As breakfast restaurants go, The Original Pancake House offers a wide variety of amazingly versatile breakfast recipes, and not just for the first meal of the day; lunch time is a great time to enjoy breakfast foods, too!

The health benefits of breakfast foods can be enjoyed any time of day, and if you’re like a lot of busy people you often don’t have time for a family breakfast every day. What better way to get the vitamins, nutrients, and good taste than to have breakfast for lunch? Enjoying a well-balanced meal of proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats will provide the fuel you need to maintain your energy levels throughout those busy days at the office, in the classroom, or running errands around town.

The Original Pancake House serves up a delicious variety of family breakfast and brunch favorites including pancakes of all kinds, crepes, French toast, fluffy omelets, Belgian waffles, benedicts and other hearty egg plates that have what it takes to keep you going strong all day long. A big benefit of having a healthy breakfast meal for lunch is that having good, healthy food in your system will curb afternoon cravings and help you turn away from sugary snacks later in the day that could sabotage your healthy eating efforts.

At The Original Pancake House Denver, all our breakfast and lunch recipes are made with the highest quality ingredients, keeping your health in mind. We offer gluten free and light alternatives for those with special dietary concerns, and it is our constant objective to serve you the finest breakfast available using only fresh, wholesome ingredients. We promise to provide you with a clean, friendly, family atmosphere with superb food and consistently great service. Our customers tell us they love the family atmosphere where everyone is welcome, and any time is the right time for a hearty, healthy breakfast. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor passing through, be sure to stop by our Cherry Hills or Denver Tech Center breakfast and lunch restaurants today for your next family meal, and experience the pure “down home” goodness of a hearty breakfast at America’s finest pancake house, where breakfast or brunch can be enjoyed any time of day from 6:00 am to 2:00 pm, every day of the week.