breakfast places in DenverEveryone has their own personal favorite breakfast places in Denver.  But exactly how did those places end up on the list?  Maybe their list includes places they’ve been going to since childhood alongside the hippest, trendiest new spots in town.  With such variety available, exactly what are people looking for when they judge a breakfast restaurant?

It’s safe to say that when judging breakfast places in Denver most people evaluate them based on four major categories:

  • Quality of the food
  • Quality of the service
  • Overall cleanliness of the restaurant
  • Overall ambiance/atmosphere

However, we all know that plenty of people love going to places for other reasons, like nostalgia or one specific dish on the menu that they love.  We also know that plenty of people frequent “dive” restaurants that might not be perfectly clean and that have a rowdy atmosphere.  And maybe the food isn’t going to win any awards but they still go because they really like the place.

So when it comes to judging breakfast places in Denver are you strictly evaluating the four criteria above, or do you consider something else?  Do you judge it by the bacon, or perhaps the pancakes?  Do you order your favorite dish and see how it measures up?  Or do you read the reviews to find the hottest new spot?

When you’re looking for a delicious, hearty meal that is served in a clean and friendly environment; someplace the whole family will enjoy, a place that is a welcome and refreshing break from “trendy,” come visit us at The Original Pancake House.