The Wide World of Brunch Choices

The best part of world travel is all the local customs you get to experience along the way. Food is a big part of every culture and many travelers’ favorite memories revolve around the foods they’ve experienced during their travels. Eating your way around the world sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

Even a meal as ‘classic’ as brunch is unique in every country. The next time you’re traveling, why not check out the different types of brunch you encounter and see what you think? You might find a new favorite!

Let’s start with brunch right here in the United States and then work our way around the world heading in an easterly direction.

America: Brunch here usually consists of egg dishes like omelets or eggs Benedict, bacon or sausage, and pancakes. Plenty of Mimosas or Bloody Marys help ease the pain from the night before!

Kingston, Jamaica: Brunch in Kingston is as delightfully unique as the island itself. It’s a hash or stew made from salt fish, cooked ackee fruit, and fiery Scotch bonnet peppers. It’s usually accompanied by fried dumplings, boiled plantains, and breadfruit. Sometimes it’s served with rice and peas, traditionally made with white rice and (despite the name!) kidney beans cooked in spicy seasoned coconut milk.

Jamaicans wash this fiery feast down with a refreshing, bright pink hibiscus ginger punch made by combining fruity hibiscus tea with ginger, agave syrup, and rum.

London, UK: A traditional ‘full English‘ is a hearty meal, for sure! This fry-up usually consists of… wait for it… back bacon, bangers, fried sunny-side-up eggs, grilled fresh tomato halves, sautéed mushroom slices, fried bread, baked beans, and black pudding. Whew!

Back bacon is very similar to Canadian bacon, bangers are large sausage links, and black pudding is, um, blood sausage.

To do it right, the beans are usually eaten on top of the toast and the meal is served with British brown sauce. This monstrous meal is washed down with a few Buck’s Fizzes, which consist of orange juice mixed with champagne.

Paris, France: Parisians’ favorite brunch dish is Oeufs en Cocotte au Saumon Fumé. It’s a small, savory casserole containing eggs, garlic, smoked salmon, and crème fraîche. Of course, torn chunks of baguette are an essential accompaniment!

The drink of choice is a Bloody Mary, popularly believed to have originated in Paris in the 1920s.

Hong Kong, China: Mmm, dim sum. These delicious steamed and fried dumplings are generally filled with seafood or pork and vegetables. If you’re feeling adventurous, try chicken feet or ‘phoenix claws’ as they’re known in China. They’re one of many non-dumpling versions of the ever-popular dim sum.

The Hong Kong brunch drink of choice is yuan yang, a blend of Ceylon and Pu’er tea with evaporated milk. Enjoyed either hot or over ice, it’s the perfect wake-up call after a long night.

Cancun, Mexico: A favorite brunch item in Cancun, huevos divorciados consists of two fried eggs topped with both red and green salsa. It’s usually served with tortilla chips and sometimes a side of refried beans and cotija cheese.

Quench your thirst (but not the fire!) with a Michelada. This savory cocktail combines chilled Mexican beer, fresh lime juice, chilies, Worcestershire sauce, and Tabasco.

Brunch right here in Denver: Well, now that you’ve had a ‘taste’ of brunch around the world, what do you think? Which one would you like to try first? While you’re making up your mind, stop in at the Original Pancake House and try our delicious brunch offerings!