Did you know?  January is National Oatmeal Month!  What a perfect time to celebrate the simplest, healthiest, and one of the most comforting breakfast foods.  We’ve researched a few fun facts about oatmeal, and even have a great oatmeal recipe idea for you.  Read on below!

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  1. There are three types of oats that can be used to create oatmeal. Steel-cut oats still contain the whole grain and oat bran and are processed through steel cutters which slice them into pieces.  Rolled oats are de-hulled, steamed and flattened.  Rolled oats are often referred to as “old fashioned oats.”  Finally, instant oats are similar to rolled oats except that they are steamed longer and are fully cooked before they are dried.


  1. In general, the less processed your oats, the more fiber they will contain. For optimum health benefits, go with the steel-cut oats.


  1. Ancient Germanic tribes around 1,000 BC were the first to cultivate and eat oats.


  1. Oats were first brought to the United States by European settlers in the early 1600’s. Immigrants used the oats in porridge, pudding, and baked goods, much the same way we do today.


Slow Cooker Steel Cut Oats

If you want to create the healthiest oatmeal with steel cut oats, but don’t have the extra time in the morning, try using a slow cooker!  Follow the instructions for water and oats ratio and combine in a slow cooker.  Add in raisins, fruit, or any other toppings of your choice.  Set the slow cooker on low for 7-8 hours and in the morning you have piping hot oatmeal, ready to go!


And of course, we’ll be happy to share our Old Fashioned Oatmeal with you the next time you are out for breakfast in Denver.  Our version is served with warm skim milk, brown sugar, and raisins.  You can’t beat it on a cold January day!  Happy National Oatmeal Month!