When we think of Crepes, we often think of French cafes and light, rolled crepes filled with Nutella, bananas, and sprinkled with powdered sugar.  Did you know that many countries around the world have their own version of a crepe-like pancake?  Though many cultures eat their version of crepes for breakfast, some are more of a savory treat and can be shared at dinner.  Here is a look into the tradition of crepes around the globe.

The banana praline crepes.
Banana Praline Crepe


Italians enjoy a version of the French crepe called a crespelle.  Crespelle are usually made using chestnut flower as opposed to wheat flour and are often filled with savory stuffings such as cured meats, veggies, and Italian cheeses – kind of like a crepe pizza!


In southern India the dosa, or large crepe-like delicacy, is made with fermented rice and lentil batter and is often served with spicy sauces.  You will find a masala dosa on many Indian restaurant menus as it is a popular dish involving a dosa stuffed with potatoes and curry.


: In Malaysia they serve a unique waffle weave version of a crepe called a roti jala.  These savory crepes are made with turmeric to give them a bright yellow color and unique flavor.  The roti are often served as a side dish and are used to mop up flavorful sauces from traditional Malaysian dinners.

South Africa:

The pennekoeke is very similar to a French crepe and is enjoyed as a breakfast treat.  In South Africa they fill their pennekoeke with cinnamon custard and a spiced crumble.


In Somalia the anjero, or a crepe-like spongy flatbread is served with most meals.  It is made with yeast flour and has a bit of a sour taste, similar to sourdough bread.  The anjero is used as a utensil to eat flavorful meats, potatoes, and stews.

It is amazing how many variations on the crepe exist world-wide.  If these examples have your mouth watering, we’d be happy to serve you one of our homemade crepes next time you are out for breakfast in Denver.  We have many variations of the traditional French crepe on our menu including Cherry Kijafa, Mandarin, Banana Praline, Seasonal Berry, and Continental Crepes.  We recommend you try them all!