Dutch Baby PancakeHave you tried our Dutch Baby Pancake before?  If not, you have really been missing out! This dish isn’t your typical pancake.  It is oven baked, rich and fluffy. We serve it with lemon, butter and powdered sugar.  The Dutch Baby makes for a tasty breakfast that is just slightly off the beaten path.

The Dutch Baby, also known as a German Pancake, Bismarck or Dutch Puff, is more like a popover than a traditional pancake.  It is a descendant of the German pancake called  Pfannkuchen. A batter made with lots of eggs plus milk, flour, sugar, and vanilla is poured into a cast iron skillet that has been preheated in the oven.  The Dutch Baby puffs up very tall like a soufflé when baked in the hot oven, then it falls when it is removed.  The resulting dish is rich and eggy, almost custard-like in the center, with crispy brown edges.  It is truly a culinary treat!

The Dutch Baby is one of our specialties at The Original Pancake House. We like it served the traditional way but if you want to try making one at home you could dress it up many different ways. They are delicious with fresh fruit and fruit sauces, butter and maple syrup, peanut butter and jam, or yogurt and berries. You could even leave the sugar out of the batter and top your Dutch Baby with savory items like bacon and eggs.