There is nothing better than crispy, flavorful home fries with a savory breakfast.  Home fries are one of our favorite breakfast staples at The Original Pancake House in Denver – dip them in a runny egg, enjoy them with hot sauce, or just eat them straight-up!  Though we can’t share our own secret recipe, we can give you a few good tips for making delicious home fries in your own kitchen!  

To start, make sure you select the right potato.  We like russet potatoes as they are more starchy, like to soak up butter and flavors, and will give you a nice creamy center.  Red, new, or fingerling potatoes won’t give you the same smooth and buttery center as a russet.

Next, parboil the potatoes to get the right texture.  After you cube your potatoes, add them to a pot with cold water just deep enough to cover the potatoes.  Bring the water to a boil and cook for just a couple of minutes once boiling.  This cooking method will yield the soft creamy inside; be careful not to overdo it as boiling too long will result in mushy and crumbly potatoes.

If you like onions in your home fries, dice and cook them separately while the potatoes are boiling.  Cooking onions on their own will ensure they have proper time and space to saute properly.  Cook onions until they are translucent and fragrant, then set aside.

Now it is finally time to cook those potatoes!  Add both oil and butter to the skillet or cast iron pan and arrange potatoes in a single layer.  It is important not to overcrowd the pan as you want to make sure each potato is seared.  As you are searing the potatoes, add in your seasonings.  We like paprika, salt, pepper, and garlic. Once you get a nice golden brown, crispy edge on your spuds, flip them and sear the other side(s).  When you have a nice crispy crust on all sides, add your onions back to the pan for a final saute and serve immediately!

And of course, next time you are out for breakfast in Denver, let us share our own homemade home fries with you!  Bon Appetit!