The great eggs and ketchup debate has been raging for decades. If you grew up in a household where putting ketchup on your eggs was the norm, this is not a problem or question for you. However, for those of you who grew up never putting ketchup on your eggs, this combination probably seems insane. Many polls come close to splitting 50/50 on this issue, but there is usually a slight majority in favor of no ketchup on eggs. Let’s consider both sides of the debate.

Pro-Ketchup On Eggs

Those individuals who put ketchup on their eggs feel that the saltiness and sweetness of ketchup, along with its tomato-ey acidity, adds a complimentary flavor kick to the richness of eggs (usually scrambled). Ketchup is both sweet and savory, and some folks feel this makes for the perfect topping on their plate of eggs, kicking up the flavor intensity to just the right level. In one survey, 47% of diners preferred to top their eggs with cheese more than any other topping, while only one in four said putting ketchup on eggs was acceptable.

Anti-Ketchup On Eggs

To those who would never put ketchup on their eggs, the thought of doing so is hideous and grosses them out. Many people also find the combination of smells rather repellent. For these folks, putting ketchup on eggs wasn’t something they grew up doing. Their reasoning includes the thought that putting something cold such as ketchup on warm eggs is not at all appetizing. Many of these people would combine hot sauce and eggs, however. The prevailing thinking among this group of diners is that ketchup is for French fries, hot dogs, or burgers, but never for eggs.

What We Think

At The Original Pancake House, we think you should have your eggs however you like them, and we offer a variety of toppings and sauces for you to put (or not) on your eggs. If you love salsa, we’ve got it. If hot sauce is your fave, you can have that too. And yes, we have lots of ketchup for those of you who love it on everything…even your scrambled eggs. We don’t judge! We want you to enjoy any type of egg toppings your heart desires. Whether you want an omelet, scrambled eggs, or a fried egg, we have plenty of ways to prepare your eggs. You choose how you want your eggs and what you top them with. Come on into The Original Pancake House in Denver and use the Yelp waitlist feature to save your place in line. We look forward to your visit, and we promise you’ll enjoy the homemade goodness of our made from scratch food that’s been winning the hearts of Denver diners for years. Come on down and bring a friend!


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