Nothing goes better with breakfast than delicious pancakes made from scratch to perfection. You can find these fluffy pancakes and more at the Original Pancake House in Denver. We pride ourselves on delicious pancakes and waffles that our customers keep coming back for more. Here are some of our fan favorites!

Our famous buttermilk pancakes are made from scratch with 17 simple ingredients. This batter is made over 3 days to ensure they are the best you can find anywhere.

These pancakes are reminiscent of the flapjacks enjoyed by the miners in the gold rush. This plate comes loaded with three plate-sized pancakes that are sure to get you through the day without going hungry.

These bite-sized pancakes are easy to enjoy and are the best for sampling our many flavors of syrup! These come in sets of 16, so get ready to enjoy!

Our gluten free pancakes don’t hold anything back, except the gluten! These delicious pancakes can be prepared with any of our regular toppings and syrups so you have many flavor choices.

Made from our in-house sourdough starter, these pancakes add a unique twist to a familiar favorite. This recipe was the favorite of Klondike gold rush.

These tasty breakfast delights are filled with bits of our famous thick cut honey cured bacon.

These mouthwatering pancakes are sprinkled with plump blueberries that are bursting with flavor. This dish is served with homemade warm blueberry compote syrup.

Pineapple and pancakes may seem like an unusual duo, but this blend is one of our favorites. It goes best with our tropical syrup and is topped with powdered sugar.

Waking up with banana pancakes makes every day better. Come try our delicious pancakes mixed with sliced bananas and served with warm tropical syrup.

This brings us to the topic of what goes into our selection of delicious syrups! We offer four unique fruit flavored syrups – apple, strawberry, blueberry and tropical – that you will not find anywhere else. Like our pancakes, these syrups are fresh and made from scratch, ready for you to enjoy.

Apple syrup offers a unique taste that will have you ordering extra pancakes to enjoy it with. This delightful syrup is made with apples and cinnamon and improves your favorite dishes. Come try our apple syrup today!

This delicious syrup blend gives you a taste of summer all year long. Strawberries make a great topping for dishes like pancakes, but this syrup fits even better. Top your favorite dish with our strawberry syrup next time you are in.

Made with real blueberries, this warm compote syrup is the perfect complements to our blueberry pancakes. Don’t miss this one.

This tropical blend brings flavors from far away right to Denver. This blend offers hints of orange and lemon. It is a fan favorite here at The Original Pancake House and pairs perfectly with our pancakes, waffles, French toast, and other breakfast delights. Try this blend on your next visit!

For the most traditional experience, we also offer 100% pure maple syrup to complement any of our mouthwatering pancakes, waffles, crepes and French Toast.
Come stop by and enjoy one of our delicious syrups today. The Original Pancake House is all about great food and good company, and we would love to serve your friends and family a delicious breakfast that everyone will love. We make every meal using quality ingredients and very special care.
The Original Pancake House in Denver has a long history of serving up the best breakfast in town by using fresh, wholesome ingredients, and we can’t wait to see you. Come visit us today at one of our two locations found in the Denver Tech Center and in Cherry Hills today.