Ah, cinnamon! This warm, aromatic spice has been used as an ingredient in foods since ancient Egyptian times when it was rare, valuable, and often used as a gift for kings. Cinnamon has long been prized not only for its wonderful taste, but also for its medicinal properties. The health benefits of this very popular spice, made from the inner bark of trees, come from the compound cinnamaldehyde, and include:

  • More antioxidants than “superfoods” garlic and oregano
  • Anti-inflammatory properties to help lower risk of disease
  • Can lower cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure
  • Helps fight insulin resistance
  • Lowers fasting blood sugar levels
  • Helps fight fungal and bacterial infections
  • Reduces bad breath and helps fight tooth decay

The great thing about this wonderfully aromatic spice is not just the fact that it’s loaded with all the health benefits listed above, but it also tastes divine! At the Original Pancake House, we have a special fondness for the taste of cinnamon, and our famous Apple Pancakes with cinnamon glaze take advantage of the unique properties of a very special type of cinnamon called Sinkiang cinnamon.

What is Sinkiang Cinnamon?

Sinkiang, also spelled Xinjiang and pronounced “shin-ji-yahng”, means “New Frontier” and is the name of a province in Northwestern China, where this special cinnamon is found. It is also called Chinese Turkistan or Eastern Turkistan. Xinjiang is bordered by Pakistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan on the west and north, by the Republic of Mongolia, Gansu, and Qinghai on the east, and by Tibet and India on the south, and is characterized by mountains and rivers as well as grazing land and agricultural crops (source).

Sinkiang Cinnamon Glaze on the Apple PancakeThis unique cinnamon does what other cinnamons only dream of; it melts when heated rather than burning like other cinnamons can. This characteristic makes Sinkiang cinnamon absolutely perfect for our delicious apple pancakes, oven baked with fresh granny smith apples and covered in decadent pure Sinkiang Cinnamon glaze. This signature dish may take a few minutes more to prepare, but when it arrives piping hot from the oven straight to your table, you’ll know with the very first bite that it was well worth the wait! It’s a breakfast you’ll fall in love with, and probably will want to tell everyone about, but these apple pancakes smothered in rich, warm, mouthwatering purse Sinkiang cinnamon glaze are so delicious you might be tempted not to say a word, so you can keep this delicious secret all to yourself!

Stop by and visit us soon at The Original Pancake House, with two locations in the Denver area at Cherry Hills or Denver Tech Center, and try our Apple Pancakes with Cinnamon Glaze. You’ll love the homemade goodness that makes breakfast at America’s finest pancake house a great idea any day of the week from 6:00 am to 2:00 pm. We look forward to welcoming you and your family!