While the egg is a familiar ingredient in many breakfasts, do you know the nutritional power and endless possibilities of this breakfast staple? Eggs have numerous cooking roles from adding flavor, moisture, texture, and richness to many our best breakfast dishes that our patrons can’t get enough of. So, we’re excited to share some fun facts about eggs that will leave you craving to crack another egg in the pan.

OPH Western OmeletteGoing down in history
What came first the chicken or the egg? While that debate rages on, ancient history indicates that eggs have been consumed
for centuries with more than 75 billion eggs produced in the U.S. today, about 10% of the world supply. We’re making quite a dent in that figure at The Original Pancake House as we serve more than 25,900 little white bundles a week.


More than 20+ functions Eggs have more than 20 functions in cooking recipes according to the American Egg Board. Eggs provide adhesion to certain foods, binding to other ingredients, and coating for your favorite battered delicacy. They are hard at work in all our pancake, waffle, and crepe batters and provide a lovely texture in our Apple Pancake and Dutch Baby custards.


It’s all in the yolk The egg yolk provides approximately 40% of the daily protein we need in each egg. So next time you’re craving some of our home-made hollandaise sauce on our much loved eggs benedict, go for it!


Outnumbering its breakfast friends Eggs possess an impressive macronutrient composition unmatched by its fellow breakfast ingredients that contributes to its powerhouse of nutrition including the ingredient we all need in the morning: Vitamin D.


And did you know?

  • Most eggs are laid during optimal breakfast time: between 7am and 11am.
  • There are a whopping 13 nutrients in one egg
  • A chef’s hat is said to have a pleat for each of the many ways you can cook eggs.


Often the ingredient-behind-the-scenes, eggs are an absolute necessity in your fridge and in your next meal at The Original Pancake House Denver. Today and every day, we thank eggs for being the rock stars of the kitchen fridge, the packed powerhouses of protein, and delicious delicacies that titillate the most fastidious palette.