Are pancake restaurants near me going to be serving salads this year?

It’s a New Year and you know what that means?  We can expect to see all new breakfast trends at pancake restaurants near me, as well as at all the best diners and breakfast spots.  At The Original Pancake House you can count on us for a delicious, hearty breakfast all year long. We’re not much for trendy food, we like the comfort and nostalgia of the classics.  And we love that our customers appreciate this as much as we do.  But just in case you’re curious about what’s going to be the flashy new dish at restaurants this year, check out this list.pancake restaurants near me

Non-Wheat Pancakes.  It’s no secret that plenty of people are avoiding wheat, gluten and grains of all varieties these days.  But naturally they still want to enjoy pancakes and we can’t say we blame them.  So it goes without saying that pancake restaurants near me are going to be making this dish with things like nut flours, root vegetables, non-wheat grains, and even bananas.

Breakfast Salads.  This is likely fueled by the growing demand for both healthy food and items that are grain or gluten free.  Hearty salads piled with items like breakfast meats and poached eggs are predicted to make a lot of appearances on the table in 2018.

Frittatas.  This classic dish is supposed to make a big comeback this year.  Eggs are consistently the king of the breakfast table and it’s no surprise that the versatile and satisfying frittata is going to get a lot of attention.

Protein Pancakes.  They say that a high-protein diet is one of the keys to weight loss so no surprise here that people are asking for more protein in this breakfast staple.  Makes sense to us, why not get some more nutritional value out of our favorite dish.  The addition of things like Greek yogurt and protein powder to pancakes makes for a delicious complete breakfast.