Weekends are meant for relaxing, spending time with the family, and enjoying a good meal. But after a busy week, who wants to add to the growing list of things to do with making pancakes. Going out for pancakes is a great alternative, but where can you find all the classic comfort breakfast foods you crave, without having to search for the new food trends? Our menu is pure classics. We have a great mix of all the comforts of breakfast balanced with a few new flavors to keep it interesting. You won’t want to miss these delicious meals and comfortable atmosphere for the whole family.

Try these classic comfort breakfast foods:

Belgian Waffles

A Saturday morning without Waffles is like wet socks, unfortunate and disappointing. Our waffles are the perfect thing to make your weekend special. We have the classic Belgian Waffle, but we also have extra flavors to cheer it up and make your breakfast sing. Try coconut, blueberry, or bacon waffles.


It wouldn’t be the Pancake House without pancakes. Our diversity of pancakes are just right for what you’re craving, from buttermilk to buckwheat and even chocolate chip. If classic pancakes are what you crave, we have the breakfast for you!

French Toast

No one can forget the all-time favorite French Toast. Our bread and eggs are combined in just the right way to make you think of Grandma’s French Toast. No need to burn any bread or break any shells. We will do the cooking and serve you up some sourdough French toast or maybe you’d prefer a seasonal berry French Toast. We have all the flavors you’d enjoy.