We at The Original Pancake House in Cherry Hills and DTC feel a duty to enact a meaningful public response to the COVID-19 health threat. We are taking the following immediate actions to keep our restaurants as virus-free as possible.

We have always strictly followed all food safety and sanitation standards specified for Arapahoe County by the Tri-County Health department, which closely reflect Federal FDA standards.  Now we are redoubling sanitation by adding the following actions:

  • Each and every table, chair and booth is sanitized after each dining party, using a specialized anti-viral liquid sanitizing solution
  • Glass containers of salt, pepper and sugar are also sanitized after each dining party
  • Sugar substitute packets are provided upon request and unused packets disposed
  • We have removed our regular menus to eliminate repeat handling, and instead are providing single-use paper menus which will be disposed of after use or may be taken home
  • We have removed multi-use check presenters – your ticket will be placed directly on the table
  • Multi-use communal children’s toys have been removed
  • Complementary self-serve coffee while waiting on weekends has been removed
  • Our Community Table will be designated for one large party at a time
  • Guest bathrooms are sanitized every 30 minutes
  • We have reemphasized to all employees their standing orders not to report for work if they feel ill to any degree, and we now speak to every employee as they arrive to verify they are feeling well
  • We also perform a visual handwashing check of every employee as they start their shift, and we alert all employees to wash hands every 30 minutes throughout their shift, in addition to any regular washing their specific duties require

We have always practiced top notch sanitation and food safety procedures, and now we will perform these additional actions as long as government health departments declare COVID-19 a threat in our community.  We stay updated with information from the Tri-County Health Department, Colorado Restaurant Association, National Restaurant Association, CDC, and our local news.

We greatly value the trust we have earned from our community over the years and we are committed to this extra effort to help keep customers and employees healthy and safe.

Sincerely, Sara Hueneke Ernst, Owner