What is the Pancake Taco?
Have you heard about the latest breakfast craze? Just when you thought all the breakfast dishes had been done, up pops something unique and new like this. The basic idea is that instead of a tortilla, you use a pancake for the shell and fill it with your favorite breakfast item or items, like bacon, eggs, and cheese.

What makes the Pancake Taco so great?
Everybody loves tacos, and for good reasons! There’s never a wrong time for tacos, and this breakfast version is great for an early morning meal or brunch. Kids LOVE them! Some say the pancake taco is fast becoming the next “avocado toast” when it comes to foodie trends. The great thing about this innovative approach to breakfast is that it’s easy, fast, and fun to make! You can even have pancake tacos for dinner. When it comes to versatility, the pancake taco has it. Filling options are endless, whether you choose to take the savory route or make something sweet.

Types of Pancake Tacos
Need a little help to get started on the road to discovering your favorite pancake taco recipe? Here are five great ideas to get you going:

1. American breakfast tacos (aka Pacos): Pancake shell with bacon, a fried egg, cheese, salt and pepper, and maple syrup.
2. Corn Pancake Breakfast Tacos: Corn Pancake shell with scrambled eggs, avocado, tomato, scallions, roasted corn, cheese, and a hot sauce of your choice.
3. Churros Breakfast Tacos: Pancakes buttered and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, filled with whipped cream and strawberries.
4. Greek Yogurt Banana Pancake Tacos: Gluten-free pancakes for the shell, filled with Greek yogurt, bananas, and sprinkled with cinnamon.
5. Peanut Butter and Honey Pancake Tacos: Pancake tacos shells with peanut butter spread on the inside, topped with sliced bananas and drizzled with honey. You can also add shredded coconut and/ or chia seeds.

These are just some suggestions to get you going…let your imagination take the wheel and you never know where you’ll end up! For your next breakfast outing check out the Original Pancake House in Cherry Hills or the DTC in Colorado. Our menu gives you plenty of options to choose from so you’re sure to find something you like. Save your spot in line by using our Yelp waitlist so you can be seated right away when you arrive! We look forward to seeing you soon!