Let’s face it, homemade Christmas gifts are sometimes the best gifts to give (and receive). They’re more affordable and have a lot of heart and thought packed into them. You can really make your DIY Christmas gift unique because it’ll be different and unlike anything else you can find in the shops. Opting for homemade Christmas gifts allows you to get personal with the gifts as they often provide the recipient with more meaning than a store-bought gift. With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about creating the perfect homemade Christmas gifts and we have some ideal DIY Christmas gift ideas to get you started!

Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Keep it simple, creative, and personal this year with homemade Christmas gifts for your coworkers. Coasters are a must-have for any home, and now you have an opportunity to make them quirky. Grab some Scrabble tiles from your local game shop and arrange them to create the perfect sized coaster. Bonus points if you know coworkers well enough to pick words that relate to what they like. Candles are also a great addition to any home. Pick up some wax, wicks, and tins and you’re all set! If you’re thinking you might want to get your coworkers something they can display at the office, consider gifting them small succulents or air plants that can sit on their desks. Succulents don’t require a lot of attention and can be super thoughtful when planted in a novelty planter like an elephant. Now for the coworker that you just have to buy a 6-pack for – get creative and decorate the bottles as reindeer. Find some pipe cleaners and twist them into antlers around the bottles and pop a red pompom on the sides. Voila, you have a pack of reindeer!

The Perfect DIY Gift for Mom

When it comes to DIY Christmas gift ideas, this is your moment to shine. Moms appreciate homemade Christmas gifts more than anyone else because they enjoy the sentimental aspect. She’s done a lot for you, so pamper her this year with a jar of coconut rose sugar body polish and maybe toss in some heavenly scented bath salts to give her the spa day she deserves. Maybe your mom doesn’t really enjoy baths but loves cooking. In that case, pick up some plain wooden spoons and a wood-burning kit to customize them, and she’ll be thinking of you every time she works away in the kitchen. Photos are also very sentimental for moms and we have a couple of creative ways to package them up as a gift. Get a calendar made with pictures of her loved ones or paste snapshots onto tiles for a unique coaster set.

The Gift of Conversation

Homemade Christmas gifts are very sentimental and if you want to give someone something special this holiday season, creating it yourself might be the best option. These one-of-a-kind gifts are more personal than most and can be crafted with love even on a budget. Great conversation is a gift of its own, so if you haven’t had the time to craft your gifts, treat your coworkers, friends, or family to breakfast or lunch at The Original Pancake House. Easily order online for takeout or save your spot in line using the Yelp Waitlist.