EGGstravagant Easter Eggs!

    Easter is one of our favorite holidays as we always enjoy a big family brunch with our loved ones.  But the highlight for the little ones is usually the Easter Bunny and of course the Egg Hunt!  We love decorating our own Easter Eggs and each year we try to come up with a few fun new ideas to surprise the kids.  Here are a few of our favorite Easter Egg ideas:

    Easter Chick Eggs:

    First dye your Easter Eggs yellow with traditional egg dye.  Once the dye has dried, use a permanent marker to draw eyes, a beak, and cute little wings.Original_Jessica-Yonker-Easter-Egg-Decorating-Dip-Dye-Beauty_s4x3.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.966.725

    Neon Dip-Dyed Eggs:

    Use bright or neon colored dye for these eggs.  Wrap small strips of tape around eggs and dip parts of the eggs in different color dyes.  Remove tap when finished to reveal stripes of natural shell color.  Experiment with overlapping colors and angles.

    Glitter Eggs:

    Dye eggs in a variety of colors.  Once dye has dried, use glue to create lined design patterns or polka dots.  Gently roll eggs in glitter allowing the sparkles to adhere to the glue strips.  Shake of excess glitter and allow eggs to fully dry.  Alternatively, you can skip the dye and cover the whole egg in glue and then roll in glitter to create beautiful and sparkly eggs.

    Tattoo Eggs:

    Tattoo eggs are a cute idea for slightly older children.  Purchase a variety of temporary tattoos – Spiderman, butterflies, hearts, etc., any design will work!  Follow instructions to adhere tattoos to eggs.  Either overlap images to cover entire egg, or select one larger image to feature on each egg.

    Of course we adults love watching the Egg Hunt, but our highlight is usually the Easter Brunch that follows.  If you’re up all night decorating eggs, join us for Easter breakfast or brunch in Denver.  We’ll be happy to feed the whole family!  Happy Easter from your friends at the Original Pancake House!