We love our Polidori Sausage links any time of year, but one of our favorite holiday special menu items is the Polidori Sausage holiday links!  As the holiday links recently made their annual debut on our holiday special menu, we thought it might be fun to sit down with Melodie Polidori and learn a bit more about sausage!

Q:  Polidori has a long history in Denver, can you tell us a bit about how Polidori Sausage began?

Polidori Sausage just celebrated its 90th year in business.  It all began back in August of 1925 when my great grandmother Ana Polidori and her husband Rocco bought a grocery store in North Denver. My grandmother was the butcher at the store while my grandfather ran the grocery part of the store.  When my grandmother was not busy cutting pork chops and steaks for customers she would cook up her family heirloom Italian sausage for customers to sample.  The aroma of the sausage made customers curious how to get Polidori Sausage.  She would sell the sausages from the butcher case.  90 years later we still make her family Italian sausage recipe the same as she did back in 1925.ourCompany_2


Q:      What are some of the Polidori Family favorite holiday traditions?

Food—Having stuffed shells with Polidori sausage at my grandparents’ house for Christmas and eating turkey with a to die for stuffing with Polidori Stuffing!!  Another favorite tradition was making Pizzel’s with my grandmother!!!


Q:      Can you tell us what special ingredients make your holiday links so delicious? Or is it a family secret?

It starts with the finest cuts of pork and fresh spices.  Cinnamon and nutmeg are two special ingredients as well as fresh currant berries!


Q:      What is your favorite breakfast meal?

A breakfast soufflé with Polidori Sausage.


Q:      Other than at OPH, where can people find Polidori Sausage in Denver if they need to feed their sausage fix at home?  Do you make other types of sausage in addition to breakfast links?

Polidori Sausage can be found at King Soopers, Safeway, Albertson’s, Spinelli’s Market and Max Market.  We do make maple sausage links as well commonly used at breakfast restaurants.


Thanks Melodie!  The next time you join us for breakfast in Denver, definitely try the special holiday sausage links!  You won’t be disappointed. Have a wonderful holiday season!