Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially if you are Brock Osweiler and you’ve just been named the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos while Peyton Manning recovers from a few mid-season injuries.  So what does Denver’s second quarterback eat to start his day?  We were curious and did a bit of research on the subject. NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Denver Broncos

As with most athletes, Brock Osweiler needs to eat a mix of lean proteins, carbs, and of course fruits and veggies.  After a bit of research we found, with no surprise, that Brock loves eggs in the morning.  Omelets, fried eggs, and eggs benedict all fit into the athlete’s morning meal.  He typically adds a side of fruit and light carbs such as home fries to round out his plate.  It sounds like Brock needs to come into the Original Pancake House if he’d like breakfast out in Denver!  We have over twenty egg dishes to choose from and would be excited and honored to fuel one of our favorite athletes before a big game.

In addition to enjoying eggs for breakfast, Brock usually fuels up with a healthy meal a few hours before each game.  From your friends at the Original Pancake House, good luck this weekend in Chicago, Brock!  And don’t forget to eat a big breakfast before you take on the Bears!