Halloween is the perfect time of year to unleash your passion for haunting decorations, unique costumes, and spooky treats. As the day draws near, many homes are adorned with fake spiders, creepy sound effects, tombstones, caution tape, and more to create the perfect Halloween vibe that is sure to spook the neighborhood children just enough to make the evening an event to remember. Kids line the sidewalks dressed in costumes depicting their favorite heroes or most feared monsters. Adults take part in festive parties and take their families to haunted houses. The only things missing from this spooky time of year are some spooky Halloween treats to complete the picture!

 Spooky Halloween Food Ideas

As a holiday with a lot of range, there are thousands of creative, spooky Halloween treats that you can make at home to liven up the party and keep everyone engaged. Some are simple and easy for all ages to craft, while others can be so complex that it’s a shame to eat them! There are options for any age, and we’ve found some all-time favorites.

  • Scary Hairy Caramel Apples. A whimsical homage to the traditional candy apple, these are more on the fun side of spooky treats!
  • Frightening Fingers. Dismembered fingers? Ugh! These are classic spooky Halloween treats that are sure to suit the mood of any late-night party.
  • Vampire Mouths. These cream cheese filled spooky treats are definitely unique and will be the talk of the night (if they don’t get eaten too quickly!).
  • Bat Cupcakes. Chocolate, chocolate, and MORE chocolate! These cupcakes are a favorite for kids and adults alike and can add a flair to your spooky Halloween food.
  • Mini Pretzel Pumpkins. Coated pretzels are already delicious, but here they’ve been sprinkled with orange sugar and topped with green gumdrops to resemble the popular festive squash.
  • Coffin Ice Cream Sandwiches. If you’re looking for a cool treat, these decorated ice cream sandwiches offer a satisfying bite that will freeze your brains!

Visit the Original Pancake House (and Bring Your Costume!)

Halloween is a fun time for all, and a great opportunity to be creative and make some unique and spooky Halloween food for everyone to enjoy. At The Original Pancake House, we’re always crafting up something delicious, and Halloween is no exception! We use high-quality ingredients and traditional recipes that have satisfied hungry customers since 1953 and it is always our pleasure to welcome your family to dine with ours. Be sure to visit us soon and try some of our signature pancakes, crepes, French toast, omelets, waffles, and more to start your day with classic mouthwatering breakfast food. You won’t even have to wait in line as you can use our Yelp Waitlist any day of the week and show up when your table is ready! Stop by this Halloween with your costume and appetite, and The Original Pancake House will serve up some spooky Halloween food for the whole family to enjoy.