At The Original Pancake House, we’re known for our broad selection of delicious breakfast items, some of which have been crafted from recipes dating back to the 1950s! From a huge selection of pancakes and omelets to egg plates, benedicts, French toast, Belgian waffles, and numerous side plates, we have something for everyone to enjoy. As the summer comes to an end and the cooler weather washes over the mountains, lots of families begin looking or seasonal bites to help them stay cozy. We love the changing of the seasons here at The Original Pancake House, and we are always looking for ways to introduce exciting meals. Our talented chefs have put together some scrumptious fall breakfast ideas that are sure to give you that warm fuzzy feeling and make you feel right at home.

 Fall Breakfast Menu Additions

  • Apple Pancake. Tradition is important, and we’ve brought back this custard crisp fall breakfast favorite with cinnamon-sugar-glazed Granny Smith apple slices. Yum!
  • Apple Belgian Waffle. Minced Granny Smith apples give these waffles a unique crunch with whipped butter and apple syrup completing the enticing ensemble.
  • Sara’s Pumpkin Pancakes. These aren’t your grandmother’s pancakes! We use pumpkin and molasses to give these a fall breakfast flavor that will satisfy your annual pumpkin craving.
  • Cinnamon Almond French Toast. Sourdough bread with sliced almonds and cinnamon sugar topped with whipped butter make this the perfect fall breakfast on a chilly day!
  • Pork Green Chile Eggs Benedict. Smashed avocado, tomato, and chorizo sausage create an ensemble of mouthwatering flavor atop a grilled English muffin coated in pepper jack cheese. Then comes the pork green chile sauce from this year’s harvest to add another dimension to this savory fall breakfast.
  • Georgia Pecan Pancakes. Switch out the summer fruit for decedent toasted pecans! These buttermilk pancakes are dusted with icing sugar and smothered in tropical syrup.

On top of these fall breakfast ideas we have a selection of fall drinks to warm up your nose! Swap out the cool summer drinks for a nice warm mug – a piping hot coffee or soothing hot chocolate.

We’re Full of Fall Breakfast Ideas at OPH

The fall season brings a lot of change, and a lot of seasonal meals, drinks, and treats to keep you both warm and festive. From caramel apples and pumpkin spice lattes to roasted squash, mac and cheese, and simmering slow cooker meals, it’s the season to focus on enjoying hearty food that will warm your belly. At the Original Pancake House, that’s our goal! We want to help your family come together to enjoy well-thought meals and try some of our fall breakfast ideas. You can either call ahead or save your spot by using our Yelp Waitlist so you can skip the line, sit down, and dine! Visit the Original Pancake House today and dive into our fall breakfast favorites!