breakfast in Denver, ColoradoWhat breakfast favorites do the locals turn to time and again?

If you asked the locals what is their favorite breakfast in Denver, Colorado, what do you think you would hear?  Do you think the residents of the Mile High City are starting their day off with cereal?  Or maybe they turn to the ever popular eggs.  Don’t forget that Colorado is one of the healthiest states in the country, so lots of Denver residents are eating healthy choices for breakfast, such as oatmeal and fruit.

It’s probably safe to say that what people eat for breakfast in Denver, Colorado is different depending on if it is a weekday or a weekend.  Just like most Americans, Denver residents are often rushing to get out the door and start work on a weekday, so they’re probably going to pick something easy and portable.  Enter the breakfast burrito!  Yes, that’s right we LOVE breakfast burritos in Denver and everybody has their favorites.  Just like the burrito, breakfast sandwiches are also a popular choice.  And if they’re made on a bagel or a big fluffy biscuit it’s even better.

Breakfast in Denver, Colorado on the weekend may be a little different.  We love to go out for breakfast and brunch in this city so you’re probably going to see a lot of people enjoying classics like Eggs Benedict and pancakes, as well as hearty meals like hash and skillets filled with potatoes, breakfast meats and eggs.

Whatever it is that you enjoy for breakfast, we’re making it fresh every day at The Original Pancake House.  Come visit us soon at one of our two locations in the metro area.